TimeArts Project #1

Being more comfortable working with physical art materials rather than digital i decided to use drawing media to make my project. 😀 My first idea was to do something with body art and photographically documenting the process of the drawing growing on me, but that project .. was not the most rational and it just did not sit well with me. After many hours of contemplation i realized that the easiest thing to observe would be my roommate. I’ve noticed that she is a very interesting and emotionally open person. At any moment she could be talking to me, talking to herself, singing very loudly with headphones on, or freaking out because she misplaced something. While researching the different ways of representing comparisons i saw the image of the tree and it brought me back to my high school senior year IB Art and Design portfolio theme. I had used a lot of tree imagery and still felt very happy to be able to use that image again. So for the project.. the trunk of the tree is a drawing of my roommate and the five main extending branches are some general things that i have noticed about her in earlier days. Then for the next hour i documented every time she did something related to one of the main branches and drew on a smaller branch and wrote what she said/did. Finally for each branch i had a little extending cloud-like bubble that held my thoughts at that moment. Finally the main branches with the most extending smaller branches are more developed with shading/detail.. etc. I have learned more about my roommate’s personality and her relationship with me and the other people in her life.

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