Video Log

1. open with the him in the water- ” there is one thing you should know about me”

2. him in a suit/ looking determined- “im ready”- fade out sound and image of hand falling (losing control)

3. “wake up” -sound/images

4. “prepare” (x3 for emphasis) -sound/images

5. “your mind” -text (X3 for emphasis/echo the  3 “prepare”)

6. “legal/ job offer”  society has allowed mind control to be legal. ACTION scene for space

7. “your responsibility” (in this job)- DiCaprio is very controlling

8. “control subconcious” (“control”-seems lost/ “subconcious” -seems knowing and condifent)

9. “steal secrets”

10. beginning of repetition scheme (show growing chaotic result of this “job”)

create/job/control/your mind/collapse/the world/collapse your mind/control/the world

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