Log Sheet for Video Montage

Blank video rolling with audio introduction

(all audio will be done at intervals with corresponding video images)


The audio might be repeated at the end of the audio for emphasis and as path to the next audio break.


The first audio will be:


“If man was meant to fly he’d have two wings

Yet I see men intent on soaring high”


Following this audio the video footage will sequentially show:


  1. the close up of the tower crane and the building It is near
  2. the shot of the sky with the smoke stacks in the background and part of the building in the lower part of the frame
  3. view of sky from hallway window
    1. at this part of the video the cooresponding audio will be repeated


Second Audio: (blank screen)


“Not satisfied with mountain-tops at all

I wish they would come back down to earth”


  1. construction zone and zoom in on fan
  2. wreckage of  bars and metal walkways-include people walking past it
  3. view from tree with branch in left side of frame
    1. repeat corresponding audio


Third Audio: (blank screen)


“They live their lives with heads up in the air.

Ignoring all the problems on the ground”


  1. walking people –view from bus stop
  2. walking police man
  3. “Liquid oxygen”
  4. Syracuse Haulers shots
  5. Close up of building by crane
  6. Construction wreckage (tire and “slow sign”)
    1. “ma’am” of policeman
    2. repeat corresponding audio


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