Success and Failure Project Progress

For the success portion of the final projects i wanted to focus on something that i had done in the past but with a different concept. Even before starting Time Arts i had made several stop motion videos using chalk paint and textured surfaces. These videos did not have any audio though. I believe i succeeded in making these videos and enjoyed the process very much. I would now like to do something similar but add what i have learned about audio and video editing to the video to make it more complete. The concept that i was mostly interested in doing was to find a willing subject and have them sit against a white background and with paint and other materials integrate the wall and the figure. I plan to work on the design and plan out the materials to be used during class. I find that one of my strengths is presenting concrete objects that i can control physically and display them in different ways through technology.

For the failure part of the final project i want to try and experiment with making a 5-10 page comic book that displays the same story from different angles on each page. This will be a challenge because i want to make the story be cohesive and interesting for each page. I feel that the narrative exploration project i handed in was not successful and wanted to try again. I plan to examine creative ways of presenting the same story and investigate the different meanings that can be found in each representation.

These projects will be tied together because the basis of each requires handmade elements.

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