Memo #2

The other night I was thinking about possibly stopping the entire “rush” process.  Not only would it be outrageously expensive I don’t feel like I need to buy into a group of girlfriends. Also I have had the experience of sisterhood and tradition through my Lithuanian Youth Organization-ATEITIS.  So as a result I am not lacking in the area that is the pitch of most sororities. Last night I might have just been in a bad mood but while I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to wear for the “business casual” house tours round this Friday I was getting incredibly annoyed with the whole superficial quality of the process. How can the girls of the house judge if one potential new member is “better” for their house than another if it isn’t my physical appearance and presentation.  I don’t resent the importance of the self presentation, but I do not think you can judge somebody’s personality fully by their outfit and manner of speaking.

I called my mom and talked to her about possibly stopping. She thought that doing so right in the middle of process was not the smartest idea. Even though she hated the “rush” process and stopped when she was in college she said that she was proud of the fact that I was giving it chance and that stopping now would not do any good. Although much of the culture of sororities seems easy to pick up on it is difficult to judge something fully without trying to get to know it as well as is possible. I put myself in the position of the girls giving the interviews. They have to try and present the character of the house by just a few fleeting conversations. I realized then that we are all in the same boat and to finish out the process.

I love to dress up and be creative with my appearance but it is more for myself instead of trying to impress other with the expensive brands of clothing I wear. That is probably the part I am most scared of- losing my individuality. If I decided to pledge a sorority I pledge to myself to not lose sight of myself and not let the interests of the “house” change what I like.  What I have come to understand that all the girls I have talked to hate the fact that greek life is followed by such demeaning and hurtful stereotypes and associations.  Therefore I believe I have to set aside those rumors and let myself form my own opinions.

Going the road of negative feelings is hardly the way to go. As the cheesy cliché line states, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” therefore Im giving it  a  shot and seeing where it takes me.


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