Memo #3

Today my friend Annie came over to do some homework. We decided to try and pull and “all-nighter” in order to get as much of our work for the week done so we can go to ski practice without having to worry about doing work when we got back. She had not done as well as she wanted to at her race this past weekend and wanted to get in as much practice as she could. I am on the JV part of the team but I still really want to improve and potentially get promoted to varsity in the future. This can only be done through practice.

Anyway so both of us wanted to get more practice in and get our work out of the way. After a few hours into our “all-nighter” we decided to take a break and have some tea and cookies. Our little tea party turned into a very enjoyable time of talking about our European backgrounds and how much we wanted to travel in the future. This conversation emerged from the combination of making a list of potential spring break destinations and eating cookies and poppy seed cake my mother had sent for me from the Lithuanian bakery back home.

Annie’s mother is from England and she considers London to be her true home. As for me I am Lithuanian and I am very proud of my culture. We both could relate that we felt that when we heard other people talk about either London or Lithuania from a “tourist” perspective we became a little frustrated because we felt like they really could never understand that place like we do.

Our potential spring break destination list turned into several pages of random countries and cities. We were probably just shy of naming every country on the planet whether by generalization or specified cities. Both of us could not stop talking about how much we wanted to save up as much money as possible and buy one ticket to someplace in the world and just see what happens from there. As form me I longed to take time away from the lifestyle of school and work. I have this urge to wander and see as much as I can. I cannot wait for the fall semester of my junior year when I will be in London (hopefully). I do not know where this need to see the world emerged. I would have to suspect form a combination of a growing sense of independence while being in college, growing up in two different cultures, hearing stories and seeing pictures of my mother and father’s travels, and countless other reasons. I hope that I will be able to have the experience of traveling and possibly living in a place completely different from my current lifestyle.


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