Top 5 Images Ideas for Amalgamation

The Basketball Team: This could be interesting to examine how uniformly basketball teams are displayed. Also in this position it will be easier to see the relative skin tone and body type that is dominant among the players.

The Kiss: I thought it would be interesting to examine if the woman was always shorter than the man. Will it become clear which side is more active during a kiss? Or is there is a common position that emerges when photographed

The Rainbow: This would be more an examination of natural occurence and if there is a uniformity in the vividness of the color and/or the arc of the rainbow.

The Diver: The different body positions captured at different altitudes would show the movement of the body through air and the common arc it creates.

The Thanksgiving Meal: This would potentially reveal the common amount of dishes on a table or what the table itself usually looks like. Also it will be interesting to see if the family or food become more pronounced in the amalgamation.

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