Memo #4

This weekend my friend Annie invited me to her spend the weekend with her family. We decided since Syracuse does not give its students a February break then we were going to create out own! We spent this amazing weekend relaxing, skiing, and most importantly EATING! Many people complain about the dining hall food and we are no exception. Good food is necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Anyway the first think that we did once we arrived in Rochester, New York Annie took me to the supermarket, Wegmans. This store is a combination of extraordinary culinary experiences. Not only is it a supermarket but also a restaurant, tea bar, pastry shop, and chill pad. Annie told me that the high school kids go to Wegmans just to hang out or take people on dates. She loved this place so much that when she was choosing where to go to school she told me that she almost went to Hobart because there was a Wegmans right across the street.

The day that we got in we went to Wegman’s twice in one day and spent a grand total of 5 hours in the store. First we went and got a snack at the prepared food bar. Then we went back to her house were her mother had prepared dinner. After eating dinner we went back to Wegman’s and shared a dessert from the pastry shop. We then proceeded to spend 3 ½ hours exploring the store and choosing food to bring back to school.

After returning from Wegman’s we did homework for a while and then at about 12:30 am after everybody was in bed we decided to get a midnight snack. The snack turned into a meal consisting of grilled cheese, Brie, strawberry jam, avocados and many random pieces we found in the refrigerator. Through this continuous process of eating we decided on what is necessary to create a “good bite”. There must be a carb, something sweet, something salty, and sometimes something fresh (fruit or vegetable).  These can be combined in a variety of ways. Some of the best bites were of toast, brie, strawberry jam, and strawberry slices.

The Wegaman’s day was a also a weather phenomena. It was 50 degrees in the middle of Frebruary in central New York. This brief spring ended the next day when we woke up to a 20 degree blizzard with high wind levels. The precarious drive to the ski resort took about 2 times longer than I should have and wasted many nerves. The rest of the afternoon was an adventure of trying out new and intimidating skis and conditions. After and exciting day of skiing we returned to Annie’s grandfather’s cabin and spent the rest of the night cooking, baking, and constantly EATING!!!!


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