The Little Green Monster: Response

This reading was disturbing yet it revealed the nature of what people do to unwanted or different things. It is almost a reflex to try to destroy things that scare us by either running away or physically disposing of them. This is attached to a primitive idea of inflicting pain in order to show power and authority. As children i believe that this reaction is not yet developed. We might be scared by something but that does not invoke the feeling that it should be gone from existence.

The woman sitting looking at the tree loses track of time and then sees the little monster emerge from the roots of her beloved oak tree. She is scared and does not want it to come near. Then once it has come inside she is shocked to hear of his proposal. She finds out that the creature can read her thoughts and proceeds to torture him through her thoughts not knowing what it would do to the creature physically. As soon as she found out it had no intention of hurting her and that she could “bare to look at it” it became a sort of experiment for her to see what thoughts would evoke a certain response. Soon the creature begins to shrivel up and as he begs her to stop she continues and soon erases him from existence.

This can teach us that even our tacit thoughts can even hurt people. Our intentions or desires can become known and effect your relationship with people.

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