Memo #5

Today is Monday February 28, 2011. This memo should have been written and handed in by yesterday but I was suffering from a horrible cough and headache that kept me away from my computer and also kept me up for much of the night, regardless of my roommates snoring.

Im the type of girl who gets assignments done, who is devoted to school and tried to apply herself to everything she endeavors. (Ok im going to stop talking like this…its weird). Anyway yesterday I was laying in bed I heard in the other room the music, clapping and monotonous objective voice associated with the Oscars. It brought back memories of watching it every year with my parents back home and it made me miss them that much more.

Anyway I found out that the movie exit through the gift shop was nominated for best documentary.  I haven’t seen this movie but my mom and friends have been recommending I watch it for a long time now due to my interest in the street artist Banksy and public art making in general.  I had written a paper on Banksy’s work last semester. The semester was focusing on visual representations in our culture and how they can be used to present types of counterculture. I think this is a prime example of cultural homogeneity and dominance. The growing underground culture of street art was becoming more and more publicized due to the media and growing repetition of the images. This type of artistic expression has become more and more popular and therefore integrated into modern culture. This is an interesting phenomenon because street art is still considered illegal. This type of artistic expression is a type of cultural dissonance, a sort of outlet for people’s need to rebel.

The film, which was intended to be a documentary on street art became more of a documentary about the film maker, Thierry Guetta. His obsession with his video camera led him to new and crazy ideas and experiences. Many of his friends and his family called him insane for leaving his family so often to chase street artists all over the world to capture their creative processes.

I have given thought to joining the growing street art movement, but my endeavors have all been a little less permanent than most. I have felt the excitement of making stencils and going out at odd hours of the morning to contribute my images to the face of public surfaces. I have not used any spray paint. All my ideas have been accomplished through acrylic paint, some can be found inside residence halls, but the few that were outside have probably been washed away by now. Only time will tell what my residence hall does about the wall drawings I have in my room.


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