Memo #6

After much thought and consultation, I have decided to declare my major in Interior and Environmental Design. This was probably the last design field I had considered in the past, but the more I thought about the choices I was considering now I began to feel like they were not the right choice, that I could not really see myself going on doing what these other majors required or expected. The majors I had been thinking of in the beginning had been communications design or industrial design. Both sounded interesting and there were different aspects I would like to learn more of but It was beginning to get fuzzy the deeper I thought about those fields, like I was not looking in the right place or I was trying to adjust the focal lens on an object that will never become clear. I was beginning to get very worried about which direction I should be going when the foundations program organized open houses for all the school of art and design majors, complimented by “The Best Major Ever” exhibit in the student run gallery. This showcased the work of current students in every art and design major in order to help students make their decisions. Still not knowing which way to go I went to the gallery opening and was draw in by the work of the interior design students. It focused on pure spatial composition and innovation rather than witty rhetorical displays.  I noticed that the more I thought about interior design the more I could think of different roads I could go down, before I had been lost as to what could be a possible future. One such road could be renovating historical buildings in Venice or other older European cities to make them livable and sustainable.  Another factor that helped me along in this decision making process was the website StumbleUpon. One of the topics I had chosen to follow was design and interiors. This opened my eyes to so many wonderful images and projects that are open to my future. Everybody says that you should major in something that you find very interesting and that the work would feel worthwhile and rewarding. Decisions should be made because I feel that they would be right not because I feel others would want me to or to go against what I really like just to challenge myself. I don’t think I would call this a “change of heart” but rather a realization or acknowledgment of something I truly am interested in. This realization has led me to find an opportunity for an internship at the clothing store, Anthropologie working as an assistant designer for their visual displays. I am excited to see where this road will lead me.


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