Memo # 10

Something that has always been excessively important to people is self- expression and individualization. It may be a way to try and self- actualize by rebelling against what other people associate them with in order to gain some sort of pride. Just like over thinking unnecessary problems stressing about “unique-ifying” yourself can also be stressful. Just do what you are comfortable doing and know what the cosequences are. Many people have labeled ne as being the “arty”type…… I don’t really know what that means , there are others that people call artsy that I cant relate to at all. One thing I do know is that I am independent and like to spend a lot of my time alone which results  in being slightly lonely sometimes, but mostly results in my being ever so slightly awkward in some situations but I’ve learned to accept it. When somebody becomes comfortable in their “awkwardness the I feel like it releases a slight tension or feeling of judgment. Anyway there are certain things that I am very adamant about when it comes to the alterations of ones apperance while other things I am still questioning for myself. For example, I will not get a permanent tattoo not will I permanently “tag” on the streets or on buildings, (but rather I just pencil and acrylic paint ) and I will never permanently dye my hair another color.  I do go for the temporary versions of both of those though. For example, I have gotten henna designs and sharpie marker drawings on myself. Although they look “real” or permanent they change with time and allow your skin to absorb the experiences of the present without being affected by past images or words.  Also I will only ever temporarily dye my hair and only small sections of it.  Then when it comes to piercings I am conflicted, I would like to another in my ear but I am not sure if it is worth it.  Also both of my parents do not approve of the idea. I have no desire to go against my parents who love and trust me on so trivial a thing.   Finally I think I will just have to make due, my new project is to get feathers stabilized in my hair. I cannot wait!

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